The cellar

Our winery in Corte dei Papi has been made out of a building formerly used as a sheepfold.
The old architectonic shape has been maintained and the materials used in the restructuring of the winery come from the surrounding area, respecting the local traditions.

We have equipped the premises with all the devices we thought necessary to make our “Cesanese” the way it is. So the winery has a very good thermal insulation system and the possibility to control both the natural light, which comes in through the windows, and the humidity in the aging areas. As the main old building was very long, the working areas have been laid out one next to the other to facilitate the different phases of wine production: from the arrival of grapes to wine-making, aging, bottling, bottle-aging, storage and tasting.
Winemaking is made in steel containers of various sizes, all linked to a thermal system that allows constant monitoring of the fermentation processes.
Even aging is done in containers of different sizes and materials, depending on what we want to obtain: from barrels of French oak to large Slovenian oak casks.