Cesanese wine

"Cesanese del Piglio" is the licence that regulates the production of wines in our territory. Drafted and approved at the beginning of the seventies (1973) our DOCG (Designation of Origin) regulation specifies that this wine district includes an area of five municipalities: Acuto, Anagni, Paliano, Piglio, Serrone and that the grapes that traditionally form the basis of our wines are "Cesanese Comune (Local Cesanese)" and "Cesanese d’Affile", genetically different vines despite the fact that their names might suggest otherwise.

A grape called "Cesanese" and grown practically everywhere has always existed in Lazio.
Only at the end of the eighteenth century a new variety which, in a short time, conquered the winemakers for its high sugar content and its aromas of violets and blackberries appeared in the territory of our DOC.
It was called "Cesanese d´Affile" after the place where the first cuttings were planted.
The two grapes were accompanied by a small percentage of "Nostrano", ancient precursor of Sangiovese, today to be found only in our territory, and which we have implanted on our estate.